Cosmetic Eye Treatments

Cosmetic Eye and Facial Treatments

The eyelids are made up of extremely complex and delicate tissue which, as well as being uniquely aesthetically, have the fundamental function of protecting the eye. Ageing together with hereditary and environmental factors (intense sun, cold etc.) cause the structure of the eyelids to deteriorate. The skin stretches, the muscles weaken and the fatty tissue around the eyeball becomes more apparent. Consequently, the so-called “bags” appear on the upper and lower eyelids giving us a sad and tired appearance. In severe cases, these “bags” and the excess skin of the upper eyelid can cover the eye and reduce vision.

It’s vital that any treatment carried out on the eyelids improves appearance without affecting how the eyelid functions. Eye doctors who are specialised in eyelid surgery have been specially trained to perform this operation while ensuring the health of the eye.

The following are some of the most important cosmetic eye treatments: